Complementary health practices





I fell into the world of complementary therapy after injury in my 20’s. The transformational qualities it had on my own physical and mental health inspired me to train professionally. I set out to support others to re-connect with their sense of self and empower them on their journey towards better health.

I believe that complementary therapies have a purpose that extends beyond what takes place in the therapy room. It may be in the questions it raises or answers, the unconditional, confidential ‘space’ that is held. Empowering you to learn to listen to your own body, and be heard through the power of touch.

Profound? Maybe but it is possible to find silence when there is constant noise, reconnect when we feel fragmented and pressured through work, family, commitments and our desires. You don’t even need to be ‘unwell’ to discover the benefits of cranio sacral therapy, reflexology or myo fascial release. We all have a body and a mind made up of trillions of nerves, processing information back and forth, energy and electricity, the spark of life keeping us alive. Sometimes we need to stop and be mindful to re-energise, reconnect, and be comfortable with silence and the rewards that this state of being has to offer.

A background in physical theatre and dance has provided me with a unique perspective and empathy for our physical form and the intrinsic link between body and mind.

Tansy Lihou-Smith